3 Things to Add to Make Your Pool Stand Out

Swimming pools are great summer fun for the entire family. The top priority should always be safety first, with access to the pool locked when no adults are present. A water alarm and surveillance camera with motion detection is also a good idea. With pool safety taken care of, now it is time to turn to the fun things that will make your pool the talk of the neighborhood.

Add a Pool Fountain or Waterfall

Sunset Pools & Spas, a company specialized in inground pool designs in Chicago, says, “The options for a swimming pool fountain or waterfall are practically endless.” You can install a temporary fountain to your pump outlet for a quick way to get a water spray to entertain the kids, or you can install any number of waterfall appliances. The limit on the size and volume of water flow is only restricted by the gallons per minute flow of your pump system. If you want a large volume of water for a waterfall or fountain, you may have to upgrade your pool pump or add a separate one to supply the water.

One simple design for a water fall is a premade decorative vertical standpipe installed at the edge of your pool that gives you a steady waterfall into the pool while the pump is running. The outlet is designed to pour the water back into the pool in a water-curtain fashion. You can even design elaborate water features next to your pool that end with the water flowing back into the pool, creating a circuit to follow from the skimmer, through the pump and filter, and finally back into the pool.

Low-Voltage LED Pool Lighting

LED pool lights give you much more creative possibilities than standard bulbs do. You can get LED pool lighting that can be controlled to set a mood or flash in wild color combinations that follow the beat of music being played. This can make for an amazing effect for a nighttime pool party. A remote control lets you program the lights to give you the colors and effects you want. A quick LED option is to use battery or solar-powered LED glow lights made for swimming pools. They are usually watertight spheres with colorful LED lights that float on the water's surface and emit a soft glow.

Keep in mind that household current lighting and even 12-volt pool lights require professional installation to protect swimmers from shocks and to keep your pool from leaking. All of the components have to be rated for pool use, and the system needs to be properly bonded as well as being connected to circuit protection designed for wet areas. Even lights with lower voltage can draw lethal current from voltage converters if the system is not specifically designed and properly installed for pool use.

Cool Deck Options for Pools

Literally, a cool deck that does not burn feet is desired. A major complaint of composite decking materials is how hot they get in the summer sun. They are a mix of plastic and wood fibers that are practically impervious to years of sun and water exposure, and they never require sealing. However, they can get quite hot in the sun. Wood is cooler but can splinter, and metal decking is durable but gets hot. The coolest options for looks and keeping the heat under control are masonry products.

However, not just any masonry product will do. A lot of the heat issue has to do with the color. Lighter colors, such as sandy beige colors are not going to act like a heatsink as darker colors do. Concrete can be stamped, colored and textured to create an endless variety of looks. Acrylic lace is an applied masonry coating that is a mix of masonry and polymer. Travertine tiles and Marbella are also options for pool decks that will not burn feet. If you have an above-ground swimming pool, consider tiling over the surface using a specialized installation grid that holds the tiles in place without grout or cement.

If your swimming pool is no longer seeing a lot of use, it might not be that the kids are outgrowing it. It might just be that it is a little boring or even uncomfortable to use. Liven it up with some moving water, colorful lights, and a cool and comfortable deck surface.