5 Trending Colors for the Winter Season

You’re enjoying October, curling up to your fireplace in fuzzy socks, searching the internet for a glimpse of this winter’s hottest fashion trends. You love fall’s casual atmosphere, but there’s something about the stark contrast of winter that has your attention peaked. Colors trending this winter season are bold, bright, and as far away from blah as it’s possible to get.

Sterling Silver

This sparkly favorite can serve as a neutral or a statement depending on placement and texture. Puffy silver jackets are all the rage and make quite an impact on a full room. If you prefer, silver nails lend an elegant touch to any outfit, while a silver bag lets you play with accessorizing the fun. A structured bag is a little more glam, while a slouchy one lets your boho-chic run wild.

Black and White

The combination of both ends of the color spectrum is nothing short of elegant… especially when it’s polka dot style. Black dots on a white background makes the perfect print for dresses, suits, bags, and even pajamas this season. Whether you’re taking off for work or lounging in for the night, these darling dots do much to dress up your evening. Summon your inner Audrey Hepburn and enjoy yourself.

Saffron Spice

This warm, golden yellow color has everyone dreaming of springtime a little early. Both home décor and wardrobes benefit from a pop of this molten sunshine. Regardless of texture, whether you prefer fur, cashmere, or satin, blouses, skirts, sweaters, tablecloths, wallpaper, and even rugs are emerging in saffron.


A precursor to spring, lilac is taking up space in a few uncharacteristic places. Making a home in menswear, long blazers with rolled up sleeves make a beautiful backdrop for lilac. Add a little more grey to go for neutral or lay into the violet side of lilac for more pizzazz. Royalty in the making, this color looks good on just about everyone. Want a little extra? Find yourself a tie in the same violet as your blazer. However it works get your pastel on this winter, for sure.


A lavish alternative to red, this orangey-red jewel tone is fabulous all the way around. Stunning pant suits provide wow factor while shoes and clutches are the perfect excuses to accessorize with a splash. Brighten up the office this winter with a little spin on your Shirley Temple favorite.