To DIY or Not to DIY

Television and the internet make the DIY game look so simple, but it’s not always the case. Watching television shows in which design experts turn a boring old home into a beautiful work of art in under an hour is inspiring, but it’s also something that might inspire a false sense of confidence. Not everyone is equipped to handle all DIY projects without a little help. If you’re a DIY lover, you might have a long list of projects at your disposal, and it’s time to determine what’s worth calling a pro for and when it’s alright to do it yourself.

Plumbing Work – Call A Pro

If you’re moving plumbing and relocating items in the kitchen and/or bath, it’s probably a better idea to do it slowly and with some help. If you are not a DIY pro who knows much about plumbing, get someone in the house who does. Your lack of experience could cause a small leak that you don’t notice right away. The next thing you know, you have mold growing behind your walls, fungus in the kitchen, and much bigger and more expensive problems.

Electrical Work – Call A Pro

If you know nothing about electrical work, do not attempt to do it on your own. This could actually kill you if you aren’t careful, which is why you must call a professional. Don’t try to do it yourself if you’re a beginning.

Floor Work – Do It Yourself

Are you laying tile or hardwood or carpet? You can call a professional, but you can also do it yourself. This is not a task that’s too difficult to understand, it’s very easy to become familiar with what you’re doing. You can work on things like this easily and without too much stress, and you can help your family save some money with this by taking some time to read to DIY tutorials or watching some videos.

Painting – Do It Yourself

As long as you are careful, you can tape, and you have the correct equipment, you’re good to go. You can easily work on a paint job without much effort, and you can save a bundle. Problems are easy to fix, and anyone can operate a paint brush. Just be sure you know what colors look good before you start.

DIY work is not for the faint of heart, and not all of it is for those who DIY a lot of their projects. You know what you’re capable of doing, and you should be very careful to ensure you’re not over-extending yourself trying to do things you’re not familiar with. Your job is to make your home better, not make it worse.